Local Groups are useful for keeping an eye on local Councillors and CEOs by maintaining public awareness of Council meetings, Council spending and service to the community.

There are currently two main types of groups associated with Ratepayers’ Victoria.

  1. Incorporated Associations

    • Incorporated Associations can charge fees for membership

    • They must be registered in their own right with Consumer Affairs Victoria, maintain a constitution and follow the rules associated with Incorporated Associations.

    • All this is now managed online by Consumer Affairs Victoria. 

    • RPV charges each Incorporated Association Group $40 for membership to RPV

    • Each group gets one vote at the RPV Annual General Meeting

    • Members of incorporated Association Groups are not members of RPV, only their local group

    • It is up to the officeholders of the local Incorporated Association to ensure that the Group abides by the Constitution of Ratepayers Victoria

  2. Informal groups

    • These groups do not charge for membership

    • These groups are comprised of residents who are individual members of Ratepayers’ Victoria

    • These groups set up their own operating structures and their own rules

    • Each individual is responsible for abiding by the Ratepayers’ Victoria constitution

The Committee of Ratepayers Victoria is currently reviewing the Constitution including local groups.

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