Pallas Hypocrisy on Police and Paramedics Pay Push

Treasurer Tim Pallas has told police officers and paramedics along with other government workers that they won’t be getting anything like his 11.8% pay rise, because the state can’t afford it.

In September 2019 when the ironically named Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal reviewed MP salaries, The Tribunal noted that:

“The Victorian Budget 2019/20 reports that the operating surplus is expected to be $1.0 billion in 2019-20, and to average $3.4 billion a year over the forward estimates.”

Lo and behold, a few months later in December, the budget update reveals the predicted surplus has fallen to $618 million and Treasurer Tim Pallas, the man responsible for the Budget is using this to hold firm against pay rises for government workers.

How is it that MPs and senior parliamentary officers who do no real work, can be awarded pay rises of 11.8% when police officers and paramedics are told they need to tighten their belts because the MPs and public servants have failed to manage the budget properly?

I’m not voting for this.

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