Ratepayers Victoria Inc has been representing the interests of Ratepayers for over 20 years

There are over 3 million ratepayers in the state of Victoria

Ratepayers deliver around $10 Billion in rates revenue to Local Councils

There are 79 Councils in the State of Victoria

Our aim is to be the premier ratepayer advocacy group in Victoria


We advocate for a lowering of rates.

Rates have risen substantially over the past 2 decades and with declining property values across Victoria, this places a high burden on ratepayers household budgets.


We work extensively to pressure councils to lower wasteful spending and ensure value for money in the delivery of services to ratepayers. Councils are often criticised fairly for wasteful spending. We aim to hold them to account.


Councils often make a lot of decision in "secret". We seek to end the "secrecy"

The cornerstone of Local Government must be transparency within all parts of their operation.

We also believe good councils operate with a "commercial acumen" and prove benefit to ratepayers in all their spending

From our President 

"I am delighted to lead the Ratepayers Victoria Team and better represent the more than  3 million ratepayers across Victoria. As the only state ratepayer advocacy group we look forward to helping ratepayers achieve better outcomes and less waste in council spending. Local government has a lot of improving to do"

Dean has been advocating for community issues for years and is a passionate believer in People Power.

"Councils often trade in ratepayer APATHY, we seek to change that!"

Dean is well experienced to lead the Ratepayers Victoria team and is thrilled to work with such a competent and diverse team.

"This team is a fantastic team of people committed to our ratepayers"

Current Committee Members

Dean Hurlston - President

Frank Sullivan - Vice President

Claudio Bevilacqua - Secretary

Kelvin Granger

Arthur Bregiannis

Chan Cheah

Joe Gianfriddo (memberships & acting treasurer)

Consulting to the committee:

Jack Davis

(former Councillor & former RPV president)

Lynnette Saloumi (former Councillor)

Our committee

Ratepayers Victoria is represented by a group who have diverse backgrounds comprising of:

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Legal

  • Administration

  • Audit, Risk & Compliance

  • Future Strategy

  • Governance


Dean: 0427 862 103 (Media)


PO Box 98

Chadstone Centre VIC 3148

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