Affordable Insurance Offer

To all Ratepayer groups

The attached insurance quote is subject to at least 20 groups taking part. We need a commitment before proceeding. To be eligible:

  • Each group will need to be a member of Ratepayers Vic at a cost $20 pa
  • Each group can buy the quoted insurance for $137.39 pa

When the policy is agreed and paid for,  we will send a copy to each group.This will mean that each group becomes a sub committee of Ratepayers Victoria Inc. However you continue to operate and manage your own affairs as usual, however showing compliance to our constitutional rules and exercising good conduct behavior.

Additionally, you will need to:

  1. Declare the number of, names and contact details of your sub-committee members (not ordinary members whom you continue to keep separately)
  2. Provide to us a copy of your Annual General Meeting.

Once your group becomes a subcommittee of Ratepayers Victoria Inc, your group does not have to continue incorporation and associated annual administration work. You can still operate your own bank account (and budget) – however you will need to inform your bank of incorporation changes. The Management Committee of Ratepayers Victoria Inc. will be there to assist you in resolving your issues upon your request.

We are now discussing collaboration strategies with the Victorian Farmers Federation to increase contributions to reforming the Local Government Act, including support for legislating good governance compliance.

Your support will help us further increase community advocacy and strength our propensity  to bring reforms to Councils and making them more transparent, accountable, responsive and collaborative with ratepayers in their community engagement, decision making and other service provisioning matters.

 Jack Davis