VAGO Integrity Oversee Guide

As ratepayer advocates, we have the responsibility to monitor integrity in our Councils and report incidents of maladministration, misconduct and corruption.

Writing such incidents about Council matters and getting the desired results is an art-form, capability developed through a long enduring period of many trial and errors.

One approach is to understand and apply each Council complaint system (which are lacking or missing in many Councils); the Local Government Inspectorate, the Victorian Ombudsman and the Independent Broad based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC), and other parties in Victoria’s integrity system:

Reproduced from VAGO Guide, Safeguarding Integrity, Figure 2, Page 6

In November 2014, the Victorian Auditor General Office (VAGO) has released a guide to the integrity system in Victoria (called Safeguarding Integrity) which gives deeper insights into to recognise misconduct and corrupt conduct and know what to do about it. It is a guide worth reading, to enhance your complaint writing about any government agency, including local government.

One highlight is the definition of behaviours relating to maladministration, misconduct and corruption, summarized below:

Reproduced from VAGO Report, Safeguarding Integrity, Figure 4, Page 16

Use this VAGO Guide in addition to the complaint guidelines given by the party you are lodging the complaint to.

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