About us

Ratepayers Victoria (RV) (incorporated in 2001, A004092M) is a ratepayers advocacy network organization. We, through our networks of ratepayer groups and other partners, advocate for all ratepayers in Victoria, at a state level. We refer to and facilitate our networks of ratepayer groups to address local issues. At a state level, we advocate for sustainable rates capping; improving councils’ governance and integrity, and community responsiveness and efficacy in municipal service and amenity provisioning.


Our mission, vision and objectives for 2017-2022 define our organisational pupose.

Our Mission

rv-mission-2We connect people, councils and shires to work towards making rates affordable and our neighbourhoods most liveable:

  • We advocate for Victorian Ratepayers, including residents and business tenants
  • We educate and connect these municipal service consumers to assure and ensure their councils are responsive to their needs and interests, and make decisions that deliver best value.
  • The value we bring is improving community and council collaboration and governance performance.

This mission is integrated in its day to day operations, obliged by its incorporated constitutional statement of purpose, focusing on the following operational functions:

  1. Educate local communities on issues and processes of Local Government (LG)
  2. Advocate for ratepayers & residents
  3. Improve public participation in LG
  4. Ensure good governance in LG
  5. Improve councils’ community responsiveness.

Vision – 2022 Strategic Position

We see a future where Victorian ratepayers are highly connected, value adding and  engaging to increase their councils’ and state agencies’ propensity to achieve higher council rates affordability and local liveability.

2017-2022 Objectives

By 2022, RV will have full capacity to

  • Connect ratepayers among themselves, and network with other local government (LG) stakeholders. We will have “brick and click” connectivity between ratepayers, upper government agencies and councils, including their peak bodies.
  • Aggregate information resources and capabilities to better address local and statewide challenges and opportunities in LG. We use data science methods and tools to aggregate people and information networks, to increase greater capacity for ratepayers to access and share municipal knowledge, talents and resources.
  • Mobilize ratepayers to engage in strategic partnerships and leveraging technology to improve problem solving and accessing governance tools.

As we make progress in these directions of community capacity building, we will incrementally identify and expand key performance indicators (KPI) that measure our success in achieving these objectives.


RV’s leadership is a collective and collegial model, lead by collaborative, continuously learning and system thinking leaders, who embrace uncertainties and connect people to be better informed, find solutions and innovate new value in matters concerning municipal affairs.

We acknowledge our legacy blind-spots and will work with positive and determined people who are willing to break through these legacy barriers, and are driven by RV’s vision and objectives to lead and collaborate with other stakeholders to reform and/or continuously improve municipal performance at both local and state levels.

Our core values are:

1.  Integrity Doing what is right
2.  Collaboration Connecting with each other and other stakeholders, working as partners in problem solving and new value creation
3.  Accountability Owning one’s ideas and implementation actions, and making them happen
4.  Design Thinking Innovating and thinking outside the box to find solutions and create value add
5.  Diversity Valuing different viewpoints while remaining focus on our objectives
6.  Humour Enjoying the challenges, working with a sense of humor and appreciating “smelling the flowers” during the journey of change.


RV adopts an agile and Internet enabled strategy management methodology, supported by the use of a PMBOK project management standards and design thinking methods, in delivering these 3 objectives. This methodology also integrates the paradigms of platform strategic positioning, to leverage the availability of cloud and advancing technology tools for connecting and mobilizing people in critical masses and giving them online intelligence sharing and analytical reporting capabilities.

These objectives will be incrementally achieved via a diversity of coordinated programs linking projects to incrementally contribute to achieving the three strategic objectives.

Current List of Strategic Programsprojects

  1. RV’s Online Platform development
  2. Governance KPI tools development
  3. Community education resources
  4. Strategic partnering
  5. Communications Media & Channel Development
  6. Fundraising innovations

If you are interested to know more about the current projects under these programs, or want to propose a new program or project, please complete a proposal proposal and then submit to RatepayersVictoria@outlook.com. Click here for a simple project proposal form.. If you like, you can also refer to https://project-proposal.casual.pm/ to guide your proposal writing.

To download an overview of RV’s strategy plan, click here.

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