Council Watch List

Councils, like any organisations, have strengths and weaknesses. Their strengths are well documented in their annual reports and websites. We maintain this Council Watch List, not as a shame list of negatives, but as areas needing improvements to close gaps in inefficiencies, decision-making that lacks accountability and service delivery quality.

Over time, the list will reveal themes of deficiencies and hence opportunities for Councils to improve. Unfortunately, coming to terms with continuous organisational improvements will also require tracking incidents of poor and irresponsible decision-making, poor financial and service management  and lack of governance and compliance accountability, etc. When Councils acknowledge and commit to resolve the negatives, the positives will come – this is the hopeful ideology of self-initiated public governance of Council affairs:

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  • Patchy jobs – video about “workers resurfaced an entire road except for where one car was parked – and left ratepayers to foot the bill for the crew to return and finish the job.” No culture of operating accountability!

Victorian Councils Watch List

  1. Questioning the financial responsibility of Knox Councillors and senior council officers when they opt to meet in one of Melbourne’s prestigious venues instead at their Knox Council headquarters – click & read this to believe their up-market taste and passing the cost to sugar daddies – ratepayers.
  2. Zoom zoom grand prix decision without the cost factors (ie cost-benefit analaysis) and considering the financial risks – raising questions of accountability issues and lacking decision making competencies  – click & read about this case in Knox.
  3. Should Councillors claiming too much be accepted? – click the Waverley Leader 7 Feb 2012 news article  to find out more.
  4. Is decision-making  lacking in financial management accountability – read Monash Council – Pool curtain cost up in Clayton to decide the answer
  5. When is decision-making considered poor, irresponsible and discriminating decision-making ? One viewpoint:  covering funeral expenses for Aborigines under a radical blueprint to promote reconciliation.

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