Ratepayer Victoria Grievance committee report

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Greviance committee report
The grievance committee considered a request from a Mildura Ratepayer to consider the proposal by the Mildura Council to : Quote ; It is the Council;s intent to increase rates on those properties that depending on the variety of grapes they grow .The higher the price they get ( or anticipates they will get ) the higher the rates council will charge.
It is understood that all farmers in the region pay on average, 3 times the council rates that their equals in other states pay and that this initiative is just another “money grab”
What Farmers earn from their produce is income and already subject to “ income Tax” which is also subject to profit and loss variations each year.
We doubt the council would have such variations in their rating structure. Ie.does the grower get consideration for crop loss or market variations? We think not. This is an income tax matter, not a council rates matter.
The Ombudsman department stated they were not impressed with MRCC it was clear they were abusing the system.
A couple of other interesting statistics. From 2010 to 2016:
• Rates collected by MRCC increased 50.2%
• Wages/salaries costs increased 42%
• Inflation for the same period, 17%
• In 2012 (I think) wages cost represented 104% of rates charged for that year and are constantly between 70 & 80%
• While other councils have reduces costs and staff numbers, MRCC went from 16 to 22 senior managers last year, up almost 40%.

Ratepayers Victoria condemn the Mildura council they have without doubt abused the system we call on the Minister for local government Natali Hutchins MP to take the appropriate action against the Mildura Council.

Jack Davis
President Ratepayers Victoria Inc

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