Form a new ratepayer group

There are 3 strategies for forming a local ratepayer group and be included in RV networks of ratepayers:

  • The traditional method of incorporating a local ratepayer group. The instructions are in, and the group has to be a financial member ($20 per annual) of RV.  This strategy allows a group to be totally self independent entity in the networks of RV connections, and be listed in PlatformRV as an official local group of a municipal area

The following are networks formation methods:

  • Starting a new chapter, incorporated under RV Inc – see  instructions in    A ratepayer chapter is an affiliated group of ratepayer advocates sharing concerns and interests that are in line with Ratepayers Victoria’s constitution, core values and strategic directions.  It can be setup by financial members, to continue working as an autonomous local ratepayer group under RV’s charter.  It gives groups an option to avoid incorporation and annual reporting obligations to join RV as an autonomous local group focusing on local or other specific matters.
  • Forming an incorporated regional ratepayer group and be part of RV networks as a financial member and publicly listed in RV networks. Several incorporated and non incorporated, and even individuals come together to form a regional networks of ratepayer advocates. for example Eastern Ratepayers Inc – For more information on how to setup, please contact ratepayersvictoria @

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