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Ratepayers Victoria Inc. Spokesperson Dean Hurlston spoke on 3AW this Wednesday 10th April “when talking about rubbish and roads,which are the essential services we expect from councils,councils are only spending about 15c/$1 that comes from ratepayers money in those services. So any reduction in the collection of rubbish should be offset by a reduction in rates,yet councils are very shy to talk about that one.
Council rates are going out of control despite the rates capping regime that is not working,and hundreds of millions of dollars from many councils on big shiny projects that do not deliver essential services to ratepayers.

We are calling on the local Government Minister to launch an urgent investigation into Local Council spending, the surplus and the projects, as there is currently little oversight in all the spending across Victoria.
Ratepayers Victoria says fortnightly rubbish collection with out a reduction in rates is unacceptable

Jack Davis
Ratepayers Victoria Inc.

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