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13 / 1/ 02

Ethics Committee Proposal abandoned

At the Council meeting on the 12th November three Councillors with the support of the Mayor Cr Lake condemned a proposal by Cr. Vlahos to establish an ethics committee of three community representatives and two Councillors who would consider any complaints or inappropriate behavior of councillors.
Cr Vlahos’s proposal of a draft recommendation was followed by an amendment by Cr. Klisaris and seconded by Cr Evens that would instead refer all complaint to the Mayor for his consideration.
This lead to a heated debate between Councillors, Cr Klisaris then stated that Cr. Vlahos’ phone account was excessive and that he should provide the Council with a list of the names all of the persons that he spoke to, on the phone provided by Council.
Cr. Vlahos reminded the council that the request was in breach of the privacy laws.
This followed with an amendment to the motion and then an amendment to the amendment to the point where it became obvious that some Councillors had very little knowledge of the correct procedure or in fact any understanding of the Local law.

After considerable frustration Cr Vlahos withdrew his proposal to establish an ethics committee that would have given the Ratepayers a forum to hold Councillors responsible for their actions.

The Monash Ratepayers Association is totally disappointed again in the childish behavior of some of our elected representative it would seem that some councillors were concerned that they could be held responsible for their actions .
President Jack Davis who attends every Council meeting, is of the opinion that some of these so called councillors have no understanding of the correct procedure or any understanding of the Local Government Act .

The Monash Ratepayers Association video all meetings of Council, copies are available to any member by contacting the President on 0412 238 974

Jack Davis J.P
President M.R.P.Ass. Inc

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