Rorts In Councils

Cash reserves held by local Council’s in Australian $21 Billion

Queensland crime and corruption Commission made 31 recommendations to clean up local Council’s

West Australia 700 Allegations in 2006 relating to misconduct.fraud or corruption.

Monash Council CR lake file is as long as your arm. Sexual assault & female abuse, Bullying, Credit card fraud, breaches of the Code of conduct, the CEO refuses to take any action.
Logan City loses its council due to Corruption :The entire Logan City Council has been sacked and replaced by an administrator after corruption and fraud claims led to the suspension of the mayor and eight councillors.
In August 2017, Ipswich City Council was dismissed after two consecutive mayors and chief executives, as well as other staff and contractors, were charged with corruption offences.
Councillor Stacey McIntosh was also suspended, facing allegations of $184,000 fraud
.Gippsland Council 6 councillors resign, administrator appointed.
There is the recent case again in Ipswich in December 2018 ,four council staff and a contractor were jailed for between four and eight years for corruption
The list goes on and on all at the expense of ratepayers.
Unlike the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) who receive $57 million yearly from Federal ,State and councils, we do not receive a cent from any government body whatsoever despite several attempts to get funding for full time staff and must rely on the ratepayers and residents to assist us financially

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