I refer to the Supreme Court case Lake V Municipal Association of Victoria

My understanding
Whittlesea Council withdrew its membership of the MAV, ( Municipal Association Victoria)this in our opinion would make Cr Lalios of the Whittlesea Council ineligible to continue as President or a reprehensive of the Whittlesea Council as they are no longer a financial member of the MAV.
However Monash Bully boy Cr Lake decided that she should remain as president for the contractual term of her appointment and took the case to the Supreme Court.
MR lake is suing the Mav for his costs in this matter, again weather he wins or loses it ratepayers funds.
Weather Cr Lalios is eligible to remain as a member of the board is a matter for the court to decide.
Ratepayers Victoria Inc states that the MAV does not represent Ratepayers or make any decisions that would benefit Ratepayers, there for all councils should terminate membership of the MAV it is another abuse of ratepayers funds.
Councils have no fund of its own, all funds and assets belong to the ratepayers, why should ratepayers pay for services that do not benefit ratepayers.
We request that all local council terminate Financial MAV membership

Jack Davis
Ratepayers Victoria Inc

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