Power of Ratepayers Group

After a recent meeting with the new local government minister ,Adem Somyurek , the minister encouraged RPV to form more ratepayer groups.

RPV did have the pleasure of telling the minister that we have opened up 10 new ratepayer groups in the last 15 months, the latest in Stonnington, where some 90 people turned up to a public meeting for this purpose. On the night itself, the committee was formed and RPV have the pleasure of saying that this new ratepayer group in a short time has become a real force.
The new Stonnington Ratepayers Group have recently supported their ratepayers at regarding a contentious planning issue with the matter being aired on Channel 7 news recently.

The power of a ratepayer group?

RPV recently supported Maribyrnong with the forming of their ratepayer group.
This new group at Maribyrnong recently set up a stall at the Yarraville festival on a Sunday morning and some 150 people signed up to join.

Our ratepayers are “crying out” for assistance regarding problems with their councils.

How RPV set up a new group is that they find a coordinator at a council , who will book a Hall to hold a public meeting.
Turn around time is usually about 4 weeks as that gives the coordinator time to advertise the public meeting.
RPV usually attend this public meeting to explain the benefits of a ratepayer group at this and to obtain expressions of interests from the attendees to begin.
After this public meeting, the coordinator contacts those interested parties to have another meeting so as to form the new committee.

It is important to realise that after this public meeting, the new committee of the new ratepayer group run their group as they see fit.
RPV are there in the back ground to give advice and guidance on matters that the new group are unsure of.

In the coming weeks, RPV will assist in forming a new ratepayer group at Maroondah shortly under this same process.
A public meeting has been called for on the 30th May 9, 2019 at Croydon (-need clarity here, was the meeting on the 9th, or an announcement on the 9th for the 30th???)

Ass well as this, RPV have recently been approached by a Miora ratepayer, (Yarrawonga), to set up a ratepayer group at their council.
RPV hope that this new group will be up and running within 4 weeks.

As you can imagine, councils do not like ratepayer groups that act to keep them accountable.

For any further advice please contact RPV regarding the setting up of a new ratepayer group on 0438555805.

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