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Tip Vouchers Once again we have an example of the tail wagging the dog
Clearly the bureaucrats and some Councillors have little regards for over tax Ratepayers.
The $5000 cost of providing free tip voucher can be offset by the reductions in many other areas,indeed I would support two independent reports into the economic viability of all councils as around 80% of council income is required to maintain the councils, and around 20% is used to provide services to ratepayers.
In the 21st century there is no requirement for councils to exist in there current form and change must come and due to space limitations, I cannot provide more details as to how and what changes should happen.
In closing I and all of my friends will exercise our democratic rights and not vote for councillors who opposed free tip vouchers .
I welcome comments from those councillors.
Colin Reid
Hopetoun Park
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Tip Vouchers Dumped
Time for Moorabool Shire Council to be removed …Everything from Moorabool East goes to Melton Shire and everything west go to Ballarat. Moorabool shire council has shown its incompetence for way too long.
How can we have some of the hightest rates but get the least services.
Scott Klauber
Scott Klauber agreed. I want to be part of Ballarat Shire.
We are on the ar..’ end corner of Moorabool like a dag on a sheep Or even better,Golden Plains shire would be great.
Netti Gray

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