Monash bulletin by USA

Sent: 27 March, 2019 2:02 PM
Subject: re monash bulletin
According to Monash Council No Australia company have the qualification to produce a monthly Bulletin.
Email received from Monash Council

Good Afternoon Jack
Council has changed its process for the electronic delivery of the Monash Bulletin and is now using Mailchimp to send its electronic newsletters. Mailchimp is a company based in the USA. Council only provides Mailchimp with information that is necessary to enable the newsletters to be sent out. This information is held securely by Mailchimp on servers in the USA. Their privacy policy can be found at Mailchimp: Privacy Policy.
To opt out of receiving the Monash Bulletin electronically you can:
• Choose the ‘unsubscribe’ option provided in the newsletter email;
• Contact us on 03 9518 3555 or by email at

Kind Regards,

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