Nothing changed after ten years

Wednesday 6th May 2009 (COPY OF TRANSCRIPT)
Inga MLC Peulich to request Additional changes to the Local Government Act
Inga Peulich Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region will tonight ask the Minister for Local Government to ban ALP caucus meetings on council.
Ms Peulich said that when two ALP Councillors are on council must caucus on the appointment of the Mayor,deputy Mayor, and the CEO. WHEN THREE OR MORE COUNCILLORS ARE ON COUNCIL THEY MUST CAUCUS AND HAVE A Pre ARRANGED VOTE ON EVERY ISSUE.

The Ombudsman’s report into the Brimbank Council released today describes a labor-dominated faction serving its own political agenda, making decisions contrary to the best interest of the community and breaching the Local Government ACT and electoral Act,”MS PEULICH SAID,,

“It found ALP Councillors and senior officials engaged in bulling, intimidation, threats political corruption and missuse of public funds.”

“To be an ALP Councillor you are told to ignore those that elected you and to listen to a collective group ensuring that at pre arranged meetings of ALP Councillors and sympathisers the decision has already been made before the council meeting,” Ms PEULICH said.

That is not what the community want in a local Councillor and the intimidation in many local councils from the ALP hierarchy is what I WILL ADDRESS TONIGHT.”
MS Peulich will also call for an end to decisions making behind closed doors known as information sessions.

Decisions should be debated and decided in open council meetings with only a narrow range of exceptions. The exception could be discussed in camera meetings if they dealt with legal matters, matters of confidence or staff matters,: Ms Peulich said.

The Best insurance Against Corruption in Local Government is a culture of open and accountable and transparent decision making.”

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