Its only a matter of time Victoria is heading down the same road as the Paris Riots

Council rates and charges are become a serious concern for rate payers
The current model presents the biggest cost or impost or burden to people. Farmers and small businesses. Cost shifting over the past 30 years from State to Councils has resulted in increases to rate which have become unaffordable. The groundswell of discontent is because of the inability to pay resulting as a major factor of poverty and significant impediment to people, farmers, families and small businesses. Council rates are causing people hardships to an extent they are humiliate and despair to those that have difficulty or cannot pay. Council rates are causing significant financial strain which directly contribute to mental stress and family and business problems and breakdowns.
Over 3 decades successive State Governments have either forced or hoodwinked Councils to force ratepayers to fund goods and services that have traditionally been provided by the State. There seems no end to this trend whereby the State Parliament has deduced Councils to mere tax collectors for the State. We have arrived at a point in time where State taxes have been conveniently disguised as Council rates simply to shift the burden from the State to Councils for no other reason other than to improve the State budget. At this rate of transfer of responsibility will render the States irrelevant.
The fact that Victorian Councils are able to calculate and impose rates which vary wildly create anomalies which are in fact corrupt by definition. If the value of land and improvements is the basis on which the ability to pay is based, then this assumption must be applied across all Victorian Councils in order to be fair, just and equitable to all. In this respect the argument is that people who own properties with the same value pay the same Council rates. After all, how can owners of properties of the same value be asked to pay vastly different rates? If people cannot afford the goods and services then they cannot be expected to fund something they cannot afford. If the State government wishes to provide goods and services for which the ratepayers cannot afford then the money must come from the State Treasury! Councils demand huge rate for vastly different amounts for no apparent reason.
Council rates must be based on a formula taking into account of actual income and the ability to pay within household and business expenditure. Either all land is subject to be rated, or no land at all, because too few are forced to pay way too much.
Jack Davis
Ratepayers Victoria Inc

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