credit card fraud

For some time now ,Ratepayers Victoria have been concerned about the lack of control of council credit cards here in Victoria

It has recently reported in the media that the Auditor General in South Australia has ordered an audit on all council credit cards in S.A. due to the misuse of these cards

This recent report from New South Wales indicated that a council employee at the town of Hay ,a country town in NSW ,has misused the council credit by up to $500.000 and the Local Government Minister has now demanded answers as to how this has happened and has said that new measures would be put into place to ensure that these cards are properly used

Ratepayers Victoria did put in a submission to the recent review of the local government act that as there is no accountability with the council credit cards in the present 1989 LG Act ,that the council audit committee of a council who meet every three months , monitor these credits cards to ensure that they are been used correctly

Our request was completely ignored

RPV can assure you our ratepayers ,who pay these council credit cards ,that we will continue to fight to get changes in the new local government act that there is accountability of the use of these cards

It is your money ratepayer

Jack Davis


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