A State Royal Commission or a parliamentary inquiry


A State Royal Commission or a parliamentary inquiry (like for example the Federal Commission into banks) will allow all including Ratepayer groups, ratepayers, members of the community, councils and other organisations to speak up and put forward their concerns which would be reported on by the independent chairperson of the Commission or inquiry.

This is different to what occurred with the proposed new Local Government Act where the submissions were considered by the Department of Local Government and its selected panel of only council people with which we have serious concerns about their total independence from local government. For example, the director responsible in the government department was a CEO of Knox council and therefore his decisions could not help but be influenced by his one sided Council knowledge and experience.

Local Councils are out of control their history over the past years is appalling, the state government has done nothing to protect the right of Ratepayers and resident of Victoria.
Jack Davis
Ratepayers Victoria Inc.

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