State Election coming up on the 24th November this year.


To all ratepayers and residents

Ratepayers Victoria request you, and our members please forward this to all your contacts in Victoria.
To do nothing is not in the best interest of ratepayers.
This is what governments want us to do – NOTHING.

As you are aware there is a State Election coming up on the 24th November this year.
Four years ago at the State Elections, Ratepayers Victoria endorsed some candidates with some success.
We have recently spoken to the Victorian Electoral Commission on the process of again endorsing candidates at this coming election.
The VEC have agreed that this is again possible.
For RPV to endorse a candidate we would want them to support our three major items as set out below.

• A Royal Commission into the operation of councils here in Victoria.

• Freeze council rates and other add on charges for two years.

• Support our call for independent monitors (watchdogs) to be installed at most councils to oversee that our ratepayers hard earned money is been spent wisely as per the rules of the local government act.
These monitors would be controlled by the Essential Services Commission. We have spoken to the Institute of Internal Auditors of Australia, who say they would have the personnel to supply these monitors.
There could be many other duties that these monitors could assist with to make our councils more accountable. With the present system there is little or no accountability at council level.

If you are aware of any person that you would consider to be an appropriate candidate and would support RPV ideals at the coming elections, please contact out Vice President Frank Sullivan as follows:
Email: or Mobile: 0438 555 805

Frank will then register that endorsement with the Victorian Electoral Commission. That would mean that the candidate who RPV endorse would have printed on all their electoral material and how to vote cards “ENDORSED BY RATEPAYERS VICTORIA” which would carry a lot of weight in the State elections.
We will not stand by and let councils destroy our ratepayers.
Ratepayers Victoria motto is: ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’

Yours Sincerely

Jack Davis
Ratepayers Victoria Inc.

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