When is Enough Enough

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When is Enough Enough
We demand an apology from the minister of local government for the financial abuse of Victorian Ratepayers who has ignored our concerns.
We have witnessed home owners who have lost their properties because they cannot afford to pay the gross increases in Council rates, increases ranging from 20% to 90%.
Are now a reality.
We demand an apology from all political parties here in Victoria not one has stood up to represent and protect Ratepayer’s rights.
We demand an apology from the premier who has turn this backs on the financial hardship that have been forced on most Ratepayers.
We demand an apology
from all political parties here in Victoria where we have seen farmers commit suicide that have been hit with excessive local council rates in drought areas and beyond.
The media say one farmer in a week commits suicide. If a farmer earns no income
they should pay no income tax to the Federal Government. In this drought time farmers who earn no income should pay no council rates.
We demand an apology for the destruction of our suburbs with over developments.
We have witness the cost of electricity /Gas /Petrol/land taxes to name a few, escalate beyond afford ability.
We Ratepayers Victoria have been trying to get a Royal commission in to the operations of the out dated Victorian local Government act here in Victoria. I.E.why do contractors get paid up to four times more to do a council job than in the private sector. It has been reported in the Herald Sun that at Yarra Ranges Council 96% of recent rate notices that were sent out were incorrect. The report in the Herald Sun stated that there could be a lot more councils with incorrect rate notices that have been sent out.
We demand that rates including add on’s be frozen for the next 2 years.
We will continue the fight.
We will never surrender.
President Jack Davis

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