Australian Country Party/Give it Back

Australian Country Party/Give it Back

(At last we seem to be getting some support

Dear Jack,

Thanks for meeting with me a few weeks ago to discuss my party’s policies and plans for the upcoming Victorian election. As discussed, my Party has recently joined forces with the Give it Back Foundation(GIB) in our plan to grow our Party and gain electoral success.

GIB is an organization with identical philosophy to ACP, but brings extra financial and intellectual property which will enable us to become a more credible political force. None of our core values or policies have changed but you will see us rolling out more and more commonsense policies in the future.

We will be running in all 8 upper house regions and several lower house seats with the aim of winning enough seats to unseat Labor/Greens and to hold the balance of power with the Liberals. Both major parties need someone like us to hold them to account and force them to do the right thing for all Victorians; not what is in their own best interests.

In regards to our policies on local government, we will be looking to get an immediate drop in rates by 20%; not by councils cutting services, but by forcing them to become more efficient, transparent and accountable. We are also focusing on dog and cat registrations where councils can only charge once in a lifetime for each pet. We will also push for a change in how rates are determined as valuation based rates are unfair and unsustainable, especially for people on low and fixed incomes.

Many things will be happening in the lead up to the November election so please contact us if you have anyone interested in being a candidate for us or if anyone can help in handing out how to vote cards on election day.

Kind Regards,

Robert Danieli
0419 992077
Australian Country Party/Give it Back

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