Report on the MAV by the Auditor General

Attached is the Auditor General’s report on the MAV

Following are some of the disgraceful comments in the report on the MAV. WE have not read a report on any type of organisation which is worse than this one. The Government should have sacked the MAV

Auditor General’s comments on page VII
MAV’s conduct during this audit has been disappointing. It has been marked by repeated challenges to my mandate, the scope of the audit, its inability to provide
evidence in a timely fashion, and sometimes its refusal to provide certain information.

Page viii
There is limited scrutiny of MAV’s Rules, limited independent review of its performance beyond its annual reporting, and no clear understanding of whether MAV is delivering value for money. Indeed, my audit provides a rare independent and transparent assessment of MAV’s performance.

Page ix
While I am disappointed that MAV has not clearly accepted my recommendations or outlined how it will address them,

Page xiii
There is no formal performance management system in place for any MAV staff other than the chief executive officer, so it is not clear how staff or managers are held to account for their performance.

Conclusion Page 28
This means it cannot demonstrate that its support activities for councils are effective, efficient and economical. There are also weaknesses in MAV’s procurement practices in key areas of probity and controls for managing conflicts of interest. This increases the potential for fraud or corruption and also brings into question whether value for money is being achieved from MAV’s support for councils.

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