When is Enough Enough time for Royal Commission

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When is Enough Enough.
Ratepayers Victoria has been representing ratepayers and residents for over 18 years.
First was council amalgamation what a disaster that turned out to be, now we have rate capping at 2.25% another disaster that is based on property revaluations rates with increases of 50% to 100% are not uncommon.
We receive emails and letters from concerned ratepayers every week complaining that they cannot afford to pay these massive increases. We have listed councils and councillors who are sorting the system (See Ratepayers Victoria website for the list. Council corruption and inappropriate behavior Sexual discrimination, credit card fraud, bribery and fraud with council tenders, councillor’s inappropriate behaviour at council meetings. The list is never ending.
We are aware of a country property owned by the Carter Family that council attempted to compulsory acquire, Ratepayers Victoria wrote to the local government minister in April this year and did not get a response. RPV also sent a copy to the Premier of Victoria.
On the 3rd July, 2018 RPV again wrote to the local government minister and expressed our concerns about the Bendigo Council’s decision to compulsorily acquire there farm of some 300 hectares which has been in the family for five generations. Our letter on the 3rd July to the minister was very strong with words such as “how can this happen in Australia and pointed out that at the forth coming State Elections this situation will be brought up. We stated that council decisions such as this, tugs at the heart of fair minded Australians Ratepayers Victoria received a reply from the minister’s office two days later with the comment that the decision is now with the planning minister, Richard Wynne, for a decision
RPV were pleasantly surprised to hear that on Tuesday the 10th July the planning minister announced that he had overturned the decision of the Bendigo Council and that the farm would remain with the Carter family.
This is what can be accomplished by Ratepayers when we unite.
A comment in the AGE 16th September 2018 has the Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, calling for a national watchdog to be formed to expose corrupt public officials. Ratepayers Victoria have for some years now been calling for an independent watchdog to be put into councils to monitor that the ratepayer’s hard earned money is being spent wisely and within the local government act.
Homes may be sold to pay rates (herald sun 16/9/2018). A Melbourne council has put home owners who fail to pay their rates on notice. It plans to sell up to 153 properties to recoup $1.4 million in debt. Council will now issue a notice of intention to sell or bankrupt the 153 owners.
60 Minutes 16/9/2018. Investigations found that some councils are over valuing properties by up to 40%
Approximately 5 years ago Ratepayers Victoria held a conference. This was attended by Natalie Hutchins the then Minister for Local Government, and she made a comment back then that “the local government system is broken”. How very true this was then and sad to say nothing has changed.
Ratepayers Victoria recently had a meeting with the Auditor General and what came out of that meeting is the lack of accountability, In other words there is no follow up to see if those figures presented to them by councils, are correct or otherwise.
The old council “Spin” has been “we are abiding by the Rate capping system” but it has now been confirmed by the Auditor General that there is no independent evidence that councils are following the rate capping rules. A recent comment made to one of our committee members by the rate manager at a council out in the East was “councils do as they like”. How very true.
A gross example of councillor’s misconduct.
Milvan Muto a former Greater Shepparton City Councillor was found guilty of perverting the course of justice in the County Court and sentenced to eight month’s imprisonment. Prior to the matter appearing before the County Court, Councillor Muto was disqualified from serving as a councillor for four years by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for gross misconduct. Councillor Muto then appealed the VCAT decision to the Supreme Court which dismissed Mr Muto’s application to appeal the VCAT decision as there was insufficient grounds.
This year we have started 6 new rural ratepayers groups and our membership is growing by the day.
We believe it is now time for a Royal Commission into councils throughout Australia. We will be contacting our members and ratepayers to support a petition calling on the Federal Government to take immediate action.
We seek your support it won’t happen without your involvement become a member.
Go to our webpage for an application to join RPV
Jack Davis President Ratepayers Victoria

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