re the proposed underground

re the proposed underground

Letter to the editor

So the State Government has come up with a grand plan, uncosted, in the hope of winning votes. Interesting this underground idea. Lets go back 120 + years when our wonderful founding fathers planned Melbourne and pushed the railway lines out in the 1880’s and the houses followed. Of course now they approve the houses way out and the trains never follow. However this circular rail idea is not new. Back then about 120 years ago they decided they needed an outer circle railway and took over land for the venture. Because of costing it died but a lot of the land for it survived and 30 years ago the famous Premier Dick Hamer had the idea of turning the land that still survived for the railway into the Anniversary Trail. And there it is today used by walkers and bike riders from Ashburton through to the river at Kew.
This vote buying grand plan of the State government sounds great but is beyond our ability financially and technically. Think of the unforgiveable mess they are making of this little bit of tunnel they are currently attempting. The obvious thing to do is to ask the worlds experts to take it over. London. Remember London started their underground in 1864 – steam trains. Now they have put through 40 kms of Crossrail from west to east of London. with no mess and in no time and it wont be long and it will be open. They are the worlds experts, bring them in to do the job, that is if the Government has the billions to do it.
Actually I and others think that it would be better for the population to put in super fast trains to the outer towns so the people can live out there and come to Melbourne to work. The Opposition should make this part of their decentralization plan.
Mary Drost

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