When is enough enough

When is Enough Enough :

Ratepayers Victoria is an organisation established over 17 years ago Jack Davis has been President for about 16 years In all that time we have not received any financial assistance from governments, we rely on Membership Fees, unlike the Municipal Association of Victoria they receive $57 million annually to advise councils.
We are fed up hearing that governments are going to control rate increases to 2.25% Jeff Kennett stated that by amalgamating council we will see cheaper rates.
What a disaster that turned out to be.
Councils should be abiding by the rate capping policy of 2.25% but some councils are coming through the back door to inflict large increases on the ratepayer. An example is that the garbage collection component on your rate notice was included in the general rate component and subject to the rate capping .Now some councils are putting this charge on the rate notice as a separate component which is not subject to the rate cap.
Many Ratepayers are hurting some have lost their homes.
No doubt with State Elections due in November this year ,these huge rate increases which ratepayers have to bear will be a huge factor in deciding who you, the ratepayer considers which party can handle our economy best.
We are seeing Gas and electricity price increases, land taxes, child minding centers, and fire levees just to name a few.
On average 70% of council revenue is paid to staff .and then ratepayers have the extra burden of paying the contractors who actually do the work, In parliament on Thursday 23rd August 2018 ,Liberal minister ,Simon Ramsay, gave a very strong speech to tell the LG Minister that the present rate collection is most unfair and is an ancient system that goes back to the 19th Century .Country people are been treated poorly paying some three or four times in rates that the city people pay and farmers are been treated in an appalling manner. The media report that one farmer a week commits suicide due to financial problems ,how very ,very sad Councils are being treated as a money tree by governments and multinational companies.
All we hear is the talk with no action, hopefully you the ratepayer will talk at the ballot boxes in November at the State Elections. Ratepayers Victoria receive multiple emails weekly from ratepayers who are hurting but who cares, certainly not the Government or service providers.
Councillors were elected to protect and represent ratepayers what a joke they are only there to advance their political careers and enjoy overseas trips visiting sister cities or any other trips they can dream up.
RPV did invite the present Local government Minister to speak at a conference that RPV held last March .Despite two invitations and a phone call the minister did not show RPV the courtesy of a reply.
I was a Council with Monash, the bullying and intimidation sexual harassment and inappropriate use of council funds and inaccurate information at council meeting was unbearable.
I understand why Julie Banks is getting out of politics.

Jack Davis
President RPV

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