Council’s decision to compulsory acquire land

Ratepayers Victoria recently opened up a new branch in Bendigo and was asked for advice and assistance by our new branch regarding the Bendigo Council’s plan to compulsorily acquire the farm land of Carter family. RPV did write to the local government minister in April this year and did not get a response .RPV has also sent a copy of that letter to the Premier of Victoria.

On the 3rd July 12, 2018 RPV again wrote to the local government minister and expressed our concerns about the Bendigo Council.s decision to compulsorily acquire the farm land of some 300 hectares which has been in the family for five generations.
Our letter on the 3rd July to the minister was very strong with words such as “how can this happen in Australia” and did point out that at the forth coming State Elections that this situation will be brought up.

We Stated that council decisions such as this,tugs at the heart of fair minded Australians .
RPV did get a reply from the minister’s office two days later with the comment that the decision is now with the planning minister ,Richard Wynne ,for a decision.

RPV were pleasantly surprised to hear that on Tuesday the 10th July the planning minister announced that he had overturned the decision of the Bendigo Council and that the farm would remain with the Carter family.

RPV are not sure as to what impact we had on the planning ministers decision, but we are very pleased that justice has prevailed for this family.

As stated earlier, RPV are opening up more ratepayer groups to support our ratepayers and residents with their problems.
RPV are getting more and more results in their support of the ratepayer and again encourage you, your friends and neighbors to join your local ratepayer group

Jack Davis
President RPV

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