Corruption in local council’s

Corruption in local council’s
Whitehorse council $150.000 for Council 20th birthday Party Herald Sun 28/7/2014
Herald sun 27/7/2014 Wyndham Leads councils in suit over unpaid Rates
Herald sun 28/7/2014 Knox Councillor John Mortimore didn’t Sign Conflict of interest declaration when giving $500 of ward funds to Newspaper he edits
Cr Robertson of the central Goldfields shire was charged with 2 counts of offences in 2012 following the incident and was found guilty of abusing his position. Ratepayers hit with $70,000 bill to cover guilty Cr Robertson legal expenses.
Monash Leader 21/10/2014 Monash Council proposes to sell Hanover st carpark to build a 7 storey development, public outcry, project abandon.
Herald sun 2/11 2014 ACMA clears Today tonight of any wrongdoing over its coverage of Monash council’s plans to sell age care homes. Today Tonight stated that council was Sneaky and heartless.
9/2014 Rpv letter to council. Wellington Shire hard stand on ratepayer over no payment of rates due to extreme hard ship.
Herald sun 17/9/2014 Moreland Council ; Mayor’s Shameless excuse over failed CCTV installation exposed after the Jill Meagher case.
Mornington Leader newspaper 16/12/2014 Mixed views on call for capped rates at Mornington Peninsula Shire.
Ipswich Council Minister to stand down, Mayor (labor member) stood down over fraud charges
Monash Councillor Guilty of Sexual Harassment / credit card fraud, proven by the Federal Police
Monash Councillor wastes $2 Million trying to sell public open space 90 % ratepayer opposed the sale.
Monash Councillor provided false information in council in regards to hall management, committee sacked, later proven false by council audit
Brighton Council accused of fraudulent book keeping By George Reynold’s
Mornington Council Suing the MAV for $1 million over insurance.
WODONGA Council. Class action Extra $9.1 million for waste collection
The Ombudsman department stated they were not impressed with Mildura MRCC It was clear they were abusing the system.
Sister Cities are nothing more than holiday destinations for councillors
Municipal Association VICTORIA ( MAV) receive $52million of rate payers funds each year and growing, AND DO NOT REPRESENT RATEPAYERS.
Mildura Rural City Rates Collected by Council (MRCC) increased by 50.2% Wages/ salaries increased by 42/% Inflation increased for the same period 17/%
Wodonga the Ombudsman revealed an $18 million overcharge over a decade This has lead to a class action by ratepayers.
3AW Melbourne 13th May 2018 Ratepayers victoria calls for more accountabilty in council’s
The list goes on and on where is the Minister for local Government????

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