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“Enough is Enough” It was interesting to note that in Japan they burn their waste this in turn creates energy to provide Electricity
All Council in Australia are about to increase rates due to the cost to dispose of our garbage, note below letter sent to the Minister for Environment

28th April 2018
Minister for Environment.
Hon Lily D’Ambrosio

Dear Minister
Some three years ago ,a Knox Councilor ,Tony Holland ,was visiting Japan and was on a tour of the countryside ,when he observed these large furnaces and on inquiring from the tour guide what were they were used for and was told that these furnaces are used in Japan to dispose of their waste ,using a system
Gas- Ification ,which they say burns the waste to a dust and the system is very environmentally friendly
Cr.Holland said in a conversation with me this morning , that he was aware that the company that uses this process did come to Australia to discuss this system ,but was not aware of any further action by our people in Australia
Ratepayers Victoria were recently interviewed by Channel 2 News to discuss the waste problem and stated that we here in Australia have to explore the situation” is there a better way to dispose of our waste” .We are all aware of recent developments where China is not now receiving some of our waste from Australia
RPV are not impressed by recent comments by the MAV and also some councils that because of this problem that rates will have to increase .That is the easy way out .Have the appropriate people investigated the matter” is there a solution to this recycling problem”
We at RPV are no experts in this field ,but we owe it to our ratepayers to get the appropriate people to explore every avenue to see is there a solution to this problem without increasing rates.
RPV are aware that in some countries ,residents are very particular in what I goes in their waste bins
Minister ,if you feel there is any way that RPV can assist with this problem ,please feel free to contact us
I have copied in this email to our President of RPV ,Jack Davis.
Your Sincerely
Frank Sullivan
Vice president RPV

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