Setting up a Ratepayers group in Shepparton

Ratepayers Victoria are proud to announce that we visited Shepparton on Tuesday 27th February 28, 2018 with the purpose of setting up a ratepayer group in Shepparton.
RPV were interviewed by the Local Channel 9 station regarding this and the interview was shown on the Local Channel 9 news at 6.00pm the same day , which did explain the purpose as to why RPV wants a ratepayer group in Shepparton
RPV have booked a hall to oversee a public meeting in Shepparton to get the ratepayer group up and running
Date 27th March 2018
Time 7.00pm—–9.00pm
Place Senior Citizens Hall Welsford Street Shepparton
Please come along to this meeting and assist us to get the ratepayer group up and running in Shepparton
Any enquires please contact our Vice president Frank Sullivan 0438555805

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