Municipal Association Victoria, Excessive Ratepayers Funds

To the Premier .
Back on the 5th March 2015, the Auditor-General slammed the MAV regarding their operations. That report stated that in that year 2015, the MAV received $56 million in funding from the Federal and State Governments and local councils.
Ratepayers Victoria requested a meeting with the appropriate people to discuss the possibility of obtaining some funding to employ two or three people for us to continue, and increase our support of the ratepayers of Victoria.
RPV receive no funding as a non-profit organization run by volunteers who provide the only united advocacy voice for the ratepayers to councils and Local Government.
RPV believes this would be a tremendous opportunity for the government to further demonstrate its commitment to foster and encourage community engagement and consultation
We await your reply (still waiting February 2018)

Your Sincerely
Jack Davis
President RPV

The state government has publicly stated that Ratepayers Victoria Inc is the only group that represents the Victorian Ratepayers.
Both the Municipal association of Victoria (MAV)Victorian local government association (VLGA)represent the Local Governments.
Both of these groups receive multy $millions of ratepayers funds and do nothing for ratepayers
We have lodge an application with the Government to assist with the costs involved with setting up new branches around Victoria.
We were recently invited by the Parliament Legislative Council public hearing into Victoria s’ Rural and regional Councils held on the 15th August 2017 at Parliament House senate committee to Submit a paper on issues that are of concern to ratepayers ,RPV were interviewed by the Legislate Council regarding Rate Capping on the 23rd August 2017 ,met two managers from the Auditor Generals’ office , had a meeting with the new president of the MAV Mary Lalios and met the new mayor of Nillumbik Council ,Peter Clarke ,who has slashed spending in Nillumbik and has challenged his fellow councils to do as the same.
It is accepted that where there is a ratepayer group that council operate more efficiently, RPV encourage you to join us with our work to make councils more accountable.
Rpv are setting up a new Sub branch in Geelong and hope shortly to open a new sub branch in Bendigo, Sheppartton, Wangaratta and Bairnsdale.
We encourage all Ratepayers groups to contact the President Jack Davis on Email Mildura Ratepayers is the first group to become a sub branch of RPV Inc. President Phil Douglas has stated that they have gone ahead as a sub branch in leaps and bounds and are now a force to be reckoned with

Jack Davis JP

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