Victorian Ratepayer Groups Unite Jan 2018

Victorian Ratepayer Groups Unite Jan 2018
Ratepayers Victoria have over recent months been very active in the forming of new ratepayer groups around Victoria.
In early November 2017, Ratepayers Victoria called a public meeting in Geelong with the purpose of forming a Local Ratepayer group.
Out of that meeting Geelong have now got their own Ratepayer group and already have been very active.
RPV did likewise in Bendigo early December 2017 and as a result of that meeting, a ratepayer group has been formed and the new committee meets for its first meeting at the end of January 2018
Early January 2018, RPV were contacted by a disgruntled Ratepayer from Yarraville and as a result of
that, a member of our committee is meeting some residents from Yarraville shortly , to discuss ways that RPV can assist them and also to suggest to them that they form their own Ratepayer group. Councils do not like ratepayer groups (watchdogs) because it keeps them honest,
One of RPV biggest successes has been the forming of a ratepayer group in Mildura in early 2015.
The President of our Mildura Branch has done a brilliant job up there and has now got the present councilors working together with the Mildura Ratepayers in the interests of their ratepayers.
Another new ratepayer group in recent times has been Darebin, they also are doing a great job.
As a result you can see of the power of a Ratepayer group. If you do not have a Ratepayer group in your area, contact us and we will give you the advice and assistance to start your own ratepayer group.
Lets keep them honest and listen to their Ratepayers.
Our contact details are
Phone 0412 238 974

Jack Davis
Ratepayers Victoria Inc.

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