Violence in our streets

Ratepayers Victoria Inc
To all Ratepayers and Residents

Ratepayers Victoria is concerned at the increasing violence across our suburbs
Ratepayers Victoria seek the support of Ratepayers and residents to lobby Governments to address our out of control street violence.
A letter of support on your letter head expressing your concerns would be appreciated.
The recent assault of a female police officer who was kicked in the head and the courts action with a slap on the wrist was an insult to our Police Force in Victoria.
Note the thug was on probation at the time of the assault.
His history was as a 17 year old at the time of the assault of serious criminal offences, including aggravated and attempted aggravated burglaries and car theft.
The police Association stated that it added insult to injury when the thug was bailed after just 4 days in custody.
This is an example of what disrespect is like for our police
It is time for action, the courts are a disgrace and are not providing justified punishment to suit the crime.
Jack Davis President RPV
Mobile 0412238974

Just received a Xmas assault
Christmas eve at approx 7.15pm a 45 year old male going for his daily walk was a assaulted by a 16 year old youth on drugs.
It was witnessed by approx 10 young adults and to their credit, gave assistance to the adult victim who had been belted around the head and upper body and had his mobile and wallet stolen.
One young person contacted the local police, ambulance and the victim’s father.
Police and Ambulance attended. Five (5) Police vehicles and two (2) Ambulances.
Luckily one of witness got the car’s registration number of the car, that the offender got into, and gave it to police.
The victim was taken to hospital and was released approx 3.00am Christmas Day.
The police new the vehicle and went and visited the owner of the vehicle, who gave the Police the name of the culprit.
The culprit has been charged with theft and destruction of an expensive mobile phone, and the theft of money from the wallet.
The youth faces the children’s court.
The police say he will get a slap on the hand because of his age; he also has other charges to follow.
The victim spends 6 hours in hospital in a lot of pain.
He is out of pocket with Loss of his phone and the money stolen from his wallet. Plus he now feels uneasy going for his daily walk.
The family thanks all the people who helped the victim.
It won’t be long before, rate payers and residents will take their own action as the magistrates and government are toothless.
Who can blame them?

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