Democracy Steamrolled.

To all ratepayers groups and Victorian Ratepayers
The state government is planning to take over all town planning applications
Ratepayers will have no right to appeal in fact you will not even be notified of any planning applications
The first you will be aware of any development is when the builder starts building on a vacant block
For more info contact Ratepayers Victoria Inc

Democracy Steamrolled.

The Andrew’s government is planning by stealth massive changes to Victoria Planning Provisions that will significantly expand the number of planning applications exempt from permits including medium and high density developments in our residential suburbs.

Previously VicSmart was introduced for minor developments but the government is proposing to expand VicSmart to massively increase the number of planning applications that will be exempt from permits including medium and high density developments in our residential suburbs. Residents rights of notification and objection will be eliminated thus locking out residents and councils from having any say in new developments in their local neighbourhood.

Planning Minister Wynne has appointed a consulting firm to develop a new planning scheme. Property and professional groups are represented on technical reference and advisory groups but there will be NO resident representation.

The first indication you will get is when a block of flats is commenced next door and you and your council will not be able to do anything about it. You will be locked out completely.

Undoubtedly, political donations from the investment and development industry have had a major influence on this government plan. Of course, $8 million received annually in land related tax revenue
has some influence as does politicians’ personal investment in property and development. BUT as usual we residents are being totally ignored with no opportunity to have a say.

Well, what can you do about it? There is an election in 1918 and suggest you make the politicians understand the consequences of their actions.

How about sending Planning Minister, Richard Wynne, a copy of our Residents Bill of Rights (RBR) demanding that he takes note of our demands or otherwise……..?

Take action or we are in trouble. Many of you have put in submissions and of course that is now closed, but don’t let it stop you from taking more action. Contact Wynne or your own MP and tell them what you want.
Jack Davis
President Ratepayers Victoria Inc.

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