Spending with contempt

Heraldsun 24th Sept 2017

Spending with contempt
It has been the concern of Ratepayers Victoria for some time regarding the lack of accountability at local councils in Victoria.
This concern was further highlighted by the article “Councils living large (“Sunday Herald sun Sept 17 2017) and several prior editions regarding the irresponsible spending of hard earned rates payments. What was mentioned in the article were over seas trips,the purchase of nine electric bikes at $4000 each for staff,taxi and mobile phones,food bills and many more.
There seems to be little regard for the ratepayers who foot the bills.
Ratepayers Victoria asks for local government to consider appointing a monitor to oversee spending of ratepayers money.
This monitor would not interfere with decisions made by elected councillors but would make sure that decisions made were within the Local Government Act.
The monitor would be appointed by the Local Government and answerable to Local Government and would be paid by councils RPV considers that this would save millions.
If councils were not prepared to adhere to the advice given to them by the monitor. they would be reported to the Local government inspectorate for investigation. MINISTER FOR LOCAL Government Natalie Hutchins has stated that most councils are flush with cash yet councils are still increasing rates. A record of $3.9 billion in rates will be harvested from rates this financial year.
Enough is enough of this irresponsible spending of our money.
Jack Davis,Oakleigh Sth
PRESIDENT Ratepayers Victoria

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