letter to all mayors re excessive rates

Ratepayers Victoria Inc.

Dear Mayors of Local Councils of Victoria. Local government Minister Natalia Hutchins and Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews

Ratepayers Victoria committee member Frank Sullivan and myself were recently invited to meet Nillumbik Mayor, Peter Clarke to discuss local government issues.
Peter was appointed Mayor of Nillumbik Council last October after council elections.
Peter’s first duty was to investigate the present running of his council.
He decided to dispose of the Mayoral car and with additional savings of registration and insurance this resulted in a saving of approx. $ 50.000 over four years
The mayor also reduced his Mayoralty remuneration by 10%
He decided with the support of his fellow councilors that a new Chief Executive Officer was to be appointed
The first major duty of the new CEO was to remove the present four senior directors and that no more than 57% of incoming revenue would be used on salaries.
Cr. Clarke stated that this would lead to realignment of staff with fewer managers and more staff on the ground .The council also froze salaries and decided that there will be no rate increase next financial year.
Another massive saving was the slashing of advertising in the local newspaper that promoted the Mayor.
The State Government will introduce revaluations every year .This will cost council’s 41 Million annually with no financial benefit to councils .This decision will affect every council in Victoria.
Cr. Clarke made an excellent comment in that council decided to do an audit on surplus council land in Nillumbik and with the sale of this land resulted in $25 million for their council.
Ratepayers Victoria ask that if Nillumbik Council can make savings as such, why cannot your council make these savings also.
At the meeting on the 19th May 2017 with Cr. Clarke he stated that Ratepayers Victoria should engage with the Municipal Association of Victoria.
He said that there has been a very significant change at the MAV and considers now is the time for RPV to communicate with them.
RPV are aware that in an article in the Herald Sun on the 9th March 2015, the Andrews Government said they may review the role on the MAV. At present RPV is not aware of any significant change at the MAV.
RPV consider that with rate capping with us, now is the time for councils to act as Nillumbik council has .If councils are not prepared to address the financial problems at councils such as addressing the spending RPV consider that now is the time for the Government to consider reverting to AMMINISTRATORS to be appointed at our councils.

Yours’s sincerely
Jack Davis
Acting President

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