RV Executive Team Changes

RV Founder and long time President, Jack Davis, decided to Continue as President.
Jack will continue to work closely together,with the committee and contribute their different areas of expertise, to bring Ratepayers Victoria to the next level.

The new nominated committee members are:

  1. Jack Davis President
  2. Beaty Davis Admin Secretary
  3. Frank Sullivan Vice President
  4. Alan Nelsen Treasurer
  5. Colin Fitches
  6. John Presley
  7. Phil Douglass.
  8. George Reynolds.
  9. Maria Sullivan.
  10. Max Bomford.

Over the last 6 months, we accomplished some strategic quick wins:

  1. The start-up of 2 ratepayers groups in Mildura and Darebin (Melbourne Metro)
  2. The development of Eastern Ratepayers Inc, to better connect ratepayer groups in the eastern region, to share knowledge and resources and engage in ground breaking collaboration projects, to improve the LG system
  3. Ratepayers Vic representation in the Local Government Performance Reporting Framework (LGPRF) steering committee, who is responsible for enhancing key performance indicators of councils.
  4. Increasing the formal acknowledgement of Ratepayers Vic as a key stakeholder among upper authorities, including the Local Government Ministry office,  in reforms development.
  5. Started up Ratepayers Vic’s facebook  – https://www.facebook.com/ratepayersvictoria/  to facilitate stronger ratepayers communication and knowledge sharing.
  6. Collaborating with Knox and Monash ratepayers groups, we successfully prototyped two services that RV can provide to its members in the next election cycle – the collaboration process between RV and local ratepayer groups to endorse locally suitable candidates, and the provision of a candidates survey to help voters make an informed decision about their local candidates.

These value adding accomplishments are in addition to our other operational advocacy activities, such as laboriously writing submission papers to respond to LG programs, etc.

In the next two months, working with several committee members, we will set the new objectives and 4 years strategic directions for Ratepayers Vic, to be a stronger advocacy and more influential platform enabler for all ratepayers in Victoria.

Platform RV is our new strategic initiative.  Watch this space develop and we will publish this exciting and ground breaking RV strategy plan in due course.

 * Lynnette Saloumi resigned in December, 2016, to avoid conflict of interest risks in her new Councillor duties.