RVI Reform Projects: Oct Status Report

RVI has formed a strategic high performing team, looking at ways of bringing ratepayer groups and supporters together to provide value add in a future reformed LG system where every council is responsive to, and reflective of, their local community.

We have planned a program of several coordinated projects, of which  3 projects have commenced last month. Here is the latest progress report:

1) Project #1: LG Reform Contributions

The aim of this project is to inform ratepayers of coming LG reform initiatives and enable higher and value adding contribution to LG reforms. The first milestone is hosting the seminar, themed “Re-engineering Local Government”, in the Mulgrave Country Club on Saturday 14 Nov 2015, from 9:30 am to 4 pm.

Click here for the flyer.

2) Project #2: Annual Good Governance Survey Development

Over several weeks, the strategic team from Ratepayers Victoria Inc (RVI) has been working on a survey that enables ratepayers, who are actively engaged with their councils, to evaluate their councils’ good governance performance on an annual basis.

We have engaged with higher government levels to understand their good governance expectations and performance measures of councils, when developing this survey.  Currently government reporting about Council’s service levels come from the annual satisfaction measures of people who use councils’ services. The new value add we offer to higher government agencies goes beyond measuring operating service levels. Ratepayers are empowered to evaluate the good governance performance levels their councils through a common process and share that annual information with LG Minister and other higher authorities.

We have just released a beta test of this annual good governance survey for ratepayers. The survey findings will help councils improve their good governance. The information will also be reported to the Local Government Minister and all other higher authorities and be an integral part of the upcoming review of the LG Act.

If you are interested to participate in the beta testing of this online survey tool, please email lgact1989@gmail.com your request.

3) Project #3: RVI Strategy Management

Among many things, RVI has been also working on a strategy for enabling ratepayers groups to come together and collaborate effectively to exercise governance oversight of their councils, by:

  1. Sharing a common vision – Every council is responsive to, and reflective of, their local community
  2. Using common governance oversight processes
  3. Using ICT (including social media) tools that enable them to exercise governance  oversight over their councils and provide a rich data repository of good governance performance measures that can be reported to higher authorities and enable benchmarking.

Many thanks to Monash Ratepayers Inc. who provided the experience based knowledge to develop the common processes and ICT tools for empowering ratepayers to have this powerful and sustainable governance oversee capability.

More details of the strategy will be announced during the RVI seminar in Nov.