ESC rates capping solution is good news for ratepayers

Today’s press release from the Minister of Local Government is signaling the coming of many reform wins for ratepayers. This is the first in ratepayers’ advocacy history that a State Government has not only enabled but actually EMPOWERED the ratepayers community to play an important and effective role in contributing to developing the ESC’s rates capping solution. We highly commend Minister Hutchins for setting this first empowering precedent in ratepayers engagement.

RVI’s participation in Minister’s Fair Go Rates Reference Group has helped to ensure the draft ESC rates capping solution is ratepayers/community centric, through the governance principles underpinning it. We are also most pleased to see that the draft solution had¬† included our earlier submission’s proposal to include¬† setting transparent efficiency forecasts in the rates capping solution and when Councils varies from these efficiency measures, they will have to justify with sound business case evidence and get consensus support from their ratepayers.

RVI, working with other collaborating ratepayers groups, will continue to support and contribute value add to the development of reforms being planned by the Minister and LGV.

RVI will review the report in greater depth and share our findings online.

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