AGM Agenda

Ratepayers Victoria Inc. (A0040924M)

 Annual General Meeting

 Sunday 25th November 2012 at 2pm

South Oakleigh Bowling Club,

1216 North Road. Oakleigh South   Melways ref: 69 G11

(Ample Car parking)



  • Welcome:


         Confirmation of the 2011 AGM Minutes:

Moved:                       Seconded:

               President’s Report

Moved:                      Seconded:

               Treasurer’s Report

Moved:                      Seconded:

Election of Office Bearers:   All positions will be vacant.


                Vice President



                 Committee Members. (Two)

              Guest Speaker:  Chris Kaczkowski from Morwell will address the issue as to whether Councils can or cannot compulsory acquire properties due to non payment of   rates

  • General Forum:
  1. Municipal Association Victoria (MAV)
  2. Problems within council’s across the State
  3. Discussions from the floor

              Close Meeting