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Setting up a Ratepayers group in Shepparton

Ratepayers Victoria are proud to announce that we visited Shepparton on Tuesday 27th February 28, 2018 with the purpose of setting up a ratepayer group in Shepparton.
RPV were interviewed by the Local Channel 9 station regarding this and the interview was shown on the Local Channel 9 news at 6.00pm the same day , which did explain the purpose as to why RPV wants a ratepayer group in Shepparton
RPV have booked a hall to oversee a public meeting in Shepparton to get the ratepayer group up and running
Date 27th March 2018
Time 7.00pm—–9.00pm
Place Senior Citizens Hall Welsford Street Shepparton
Please come along to this meeting and assist us to get the ratepayer group up and running in Shepparton
Any enquires please contact our Vice president Frank Sullivan 0438555805

Ratepayers Victoria Conference

Ratepayers Victoria will be conducting a public Meeting at the Moonee Valley Community Hall 1A South Road Airport West Meways Map 15 H/7 on 24th March 2018 between 1PM to 5pm.
Invites will be sent to all Ratepayer Groups within Victoria.
Guest speaker will be Peter Clarke Mayor Nillumbik Council.
Andrew Chou Director Essential Services
Inviteation have been sent to
Hon.Marlene Kairouz MP Local Government Minister
Tom Elliot Drive 3aw
Mr David Morris Opposition Local Government.

items under discussion will
include Changes to the Local Government Act
State Government changes to Land Tax
And several item of concern that affect Ratepayers and your rates
Question time after each guest speaker
Jack Davis
President RPV Inc.
For more information Contact
0412 238 974
or email ratepayersvic@outlook.com
Please acknowledge your attendance

waiver of rates for Pensioners over 80

Ratepayers Victoria have agreed that many elderly pensioners over 80 should be able to apply to have their rates waived, several pensioners have had council threatening to sell their properties, if they do not or cannot afford to pay their council rates.
Ratepayers victoria will write to the state government seeking their support.
Your comments would be welcomed

Jack Davis

Municipal Association Victoria, Excessive Ratepayers Funds

To the Premier .
Back on the 5th March 2015, the Auditor-General slammed the MAV regarding their operations. That report stated that in that year 2015, the MAV received $56 million in funding from the Federal and State Governments and local councils.
Ratepayers Victoria requested a meeting with the appropriate people to discuss the possibility of obtaining some funding to employ two or three people for us to continue, and increase our support of the ratepayers of Victoria.
RPV receive no funding as a non-profit organization run by volunteers who provide the only united advocacy voice for the ratepayers to councils and Local Government.
RPV believes this would be a tremendous opportunity for the government to further demonstrate its commitment to foster and encourage community engagement and consultation
We await your reply (still waiting February 2018)

Your Sincerely
Jack Davis
President RPV

The state government has publicly stated that Ratepayers Victoria Inc is the only group that represents the Victorian Ratepayers.
Both the Municipal association of Victoria (MAV)Victorian local government association (VLGA)represent the Local Governments.
Both of these groups receive multy $millions of ratepayers funds and do nothing for ratepayers
We have lodge an application with the Government to assist with the costs involved with setting up new branches around Victoria.
We were recently invited by the Parliament Legislative Council public hearing into Victoria s’ Rural and regional Councils held on the 15th August 2017 at Parliament House senate committee to Submit a paper on issues that are of concern to ratepayers ,RPV were interviewed by the Legislate Council regarding Rate Capping on the 23rd August 2017 ,met two managers from the Auditor Generals’ office , had a meeting with the new president of the MAV Mary Lalios and met the new mayor of Nillumbik Council ,Peter Clarke ,who has slashed spending in Nillumbik and has challenged his fellow councils to do as the same.
It is accepted that where there is a ratepayer group that council operate more efficiently, RPV encourage you to join us with our work to make councils more accountable.
Rpv are setting up a new Sub branch in Geelong and hope shortly to open a new sub branch in Bendigo, Sheppartton, Wangaratta and Bairnsdale.
We encourage all Ratepayers groups to contact the President Jack Davis on Email Ratepayersvic@outlook.com Mildura Ratepayers is the first group to become a sub branch of RPV Inc. President Phil Douglas has stated that they have gone ahead as a sub branch in leaps and bounds and are now a force to be reckoned with

Jack Davis JP

Group Membership list edited January 2018

Ratepayers Victoria Inc
Membership List
Aiming to be the peak advocacy body for all Victorian Ratepayers,we encourage
the formation of new Ratepayers Associations from various cities.
To Date we are proud to be affiliated with the following groups

Ascot Vale Ratepayers
Ashwood Ratepayers
Ararat Ratepayers
Batesford Ratepayers
Baw Baw Ratepayers
Bayside Ratepayers
Belgrave Ratepayers
Bendigo Ratepayers
Booroondara Ratepayers
Box Hill Ratepayers
Campaspe Ratepayers
Cardinia Ratepayers
Casey Ratepayers
Geelong Ratepayers
Central GoldFields Ratepayers
Clayton Ratepayers
Colac Ratepayers
Darebin Ratepayers
Darebin Appropriate Development Ratepayers
Daylesford Ratepayers
Eden Park Ratepayers
Farmers Federation
Footscray Ratepayers
Glen Waverley Ratepayers
Greater Dandenong Ratepayers
Happy Valley Ratepayers
Mildura Ratepayers
Hastings Ratepayers
Heatherdale Community Action Group
Hepburn Shire & Moorabool Ratepayers
Inverloch( Voice & action Group Inc)
Kilmore Ratepayers
Knox Ratepayers Ass
Lake Bolac Ratepayers
Latrobe City Ratepayers Ass
Macedon Ranges residents Ass
Manfield Ratepayers
Maroondah Residents Ratepayers Ass
Maryborough Ratepayers
Mettibal Shire Ratepayers
Mitcham Ratepayers
Monash Ratepayers
Morland Shire Ratepayers
Mornington Peninsula Ratepayers & Residents Ass.
Mornington Residents Ass.
Morwell Ratepayers
Moyne Residents and Ratepayers Action Group Inc.
Mt Martha Ratepayers
Mt Waverley Ratepayers
Oakleigh Ratepayers
Portarlington Ratepayers
Ratepayers of Ararat Rural City
Swanhill Rural City Ratepayers Ass.
Ringwood Ratepayers
South Morag Rail Alliance Org
Sydenham Ratepayers
Tooradin Ratepayers
Upway Ratepayers
Vermont Ratepayers
Vermont South Ratepayers
Wantirna Ratepayers
Warrigal Ratepayers
Warrnambool (currently being formed)
Whitehorse Ratepayers& Residents Ass.
Whittlesea Ratepayers Ass.
Windsor Ratepayers
WODONGA Ratepayers aSS.
Yarra Ranges Ratepayers
Yarragon Ratepayers

Victorian Ratepayer Groups Unite Jan 2018

Victorian Ratepayer Groups Unite Jan 2018
Ratepayers Victoria have over recent months been very active in the forming of new ratepayer groups around Victoria.
In early November 2017, Ratepayers Victoria called a public meeting in Geelong with the purpose of forming a Local Ratepayer group.
Out of that meeting Geelong have now got their own Ratepayer group and already have been very active.
RPV did likewise in Bendigo early December 2017 and as a result of that meeting, a ratepayer group has been formed and the new committee meets for its first meeting at the end of January 2018
Early January 2018, RPV were contacted by a disgruntled Ratepayer from Yarraville and as a result of
that, a member of our committee is meeting some residents from Yarraville shortly , to discuss ways that RPV can assist them and also to suggest to them that they form their own Ratepayer group. Councils do not like ratepayer groups (watchdogs) because it keeps them honest,
One of RPV biggest successes has been the forming of a ratepayer group in Mildura in early 2015.
The President of our Mildura Branch has done a brilliant job up there and has now got the present councilors working together with the Mildura Ratepayers in the interests of their ratepayers.
Another new ratepayer group in recent times has been Darebin, they also are doing a great job.
As a result you can see of the power of a Ratepayer group. If you do not have a Ratepayer group in your area, contact us and we will give you the advice and assistance to start your own ratepayer group.
Lets keep them honest and listen to their Ratepayers.
Our contact details are Ratepayersvic@outlook.com.au
Phone 0412 238 974

Jack Davis
Ratepayers Victoria Inc.

Violence in our streets

Ratepayers Victoria Inc
To all Ratepayers and Residents

Ratepayers Victoria is concerned at the increasing violence across our suburbs
Ratepayers Victoria seek the support of Ratepayers and residents to lobby Governments to address our out of control street violence.
A letter of support on your letter head expressing your concerns would be appreciated.
The recent assault of a female police officer who was kicked in the head and the courts action with a slap on the wrist was an insult to our Police Force in Victoria.
Note the thug was on probation at the time of the assault.
His history was as a 17 year old at the time of the assault of serious criminal offences, including aggravated and attempted aggravated burglaries and car theft.
The police Association stated that it added insult to injury when the thug was bailed after just 4 days in custody.
This is an example of what disrespect is like for our police
It is time for action, the courts are a disgrace and are not providing justified punishment to suit the crime.
Jack Davis President RPV
Email ratepayersvic@iinet.net.au
Mobile 0412238974

Just received a Xmas assault
Christmas eve at approx 7.15pm a 45 year old male going for his daily walk was a assaulted by a 16 year old youth on drugs.
It was witnessed by approx 10 young adults and to their credit, gave assistance to the adult victim who had been belted around the head and upper body and had his mobile and wallet stolen.
One young person contacted the local police, ambulance and the victim’s father.
Police and Ambulance attended. Five (5) Police vehicles and two (2) Ambulances.
Luckily one of witness got the car’s registration number of the car, that the offender got into, and gave it to police.
The victim was taken to hospital and was released approx 3.00am Christmas Day.
The police new the vehicle and went and visited the owner of the vehicle, who gave the Police the name of the culprit.
The culprit has been charged with theft and destruction of an expensive mobile phone, and the theft of money from the wallet.
The youth faces the children’s court.
The police say he will get a slap on the hand because of his age; he also has other charges to follow.
The victim spends 6 hours in hospital in a lot of pain.
He is out of pocket with Loss of his phone and the money stolen from his wallet. Plus he now feels uneasy going for his daily walk.
The family thanks all the people who helped the victim.
It won’t be long before, rate payers and residents will take their own action as the magistrates and government are toothless.
Who can blame them?

Democracy Steamrolled.

To all ratepayers groups and Victorian Ratepayers
The state government is planning to take over all town planning applications
Ratepayers will have no right to appeal in fact you will not even be notified of any planning applications
The first you will be aware of any development is when the builder starts building on a vacant block
For more info contact Ratepayers Victoria Inc
Email Ratepayersvic@outlook.com

Democracy Steamrolled.

The Andrew’s government is planning by stealth massive changes to Victoria Planning Provisions that will significantly expand the number of planning applications exempt from permits including medium and high density developments in our residential suburbs.

Previously VicSmart was introduced for minor developments but the government is proposing to expand VicSmart to massively increase the number of planning applications that will be exempt from permits including medium and high density developments in our residential suburbs. Residents rights of notification and objection will be eliminated thus locking out residents and councils from having any say in new developments in their local neighbourhood.

Planning Minister Wynne has appointed a consulting firm to develop a new planning scheme. Property and professional groups are represented on technical reference and advisory groups but there will be NO resident representation.

The first indication you will get is when a block of flats is commenced next door and you and your council will not be able to do anything about it. You will be locked out completely.

Undoubtedly, political donations from the investment and development industry have had a major influence on this government plan. Of course, $8 million received annually in land related tax revenue
has some influence as does politicians’ personal investment in property and development. BUT as usual we residents are being totally ignored with no opportunity to have a say.

Well, what can you do about it? There is an election in 1918 and suggest you make the politicians understand the consequences of their actions.

How about sending Planning Minister, Richard Wynne, a copy of our Residents Bill of Rights (RBR) demanding that he takes note of our demands or otherwise……..? richard.wynne@parliament.vic.gov.au

Take action or we are in trouble. Many of you have put in submissions and of course that is now closed, but don’t let it stop you from taking more action. Contact Wynne or your own MP and tell them what you want.
Jack Davis
President Ratepayers Victoria Inc.