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A State Royal Commission or a parliamentary inquiry

A State Royal Commission or a parliamentary inquiry (like for example the Federal Commission into banks) will allow all including Ratepayer groups, ratepayers, members of the community, councils and other organisations to speak up and put forward their concerns which would be reported on by the independent chairperson of the Commission or inquiry.

This is different to what occurred with the proposed new Local Government Act where the submissions were considered by the Department of Local Government and its selected panel of only council people with which we have serious concerns about their total independence from local government. For example, the director responsible in the government department was a CEO of Knox council and therefore his decisions could not help but be influenced by his one sided Council knowledge and experience.

Local Councils are out of control their history over the past years is appalling, the state government has done nothing to protect the right of Ratepayers and resident of Victoria.
Jack Davis
Ratepayers Victoria Inc.

At last a candidate that supports ratepayers

Lynnette Saloumi Candidate for the Eastern Metro Region has ratepayers Victoria Inc. total support, she can be contacted on 0414638175.
As a Councillor with the city of Monash She totally supported the wishes of her ratepayers against the stacked odds
Ratepayers victoria inc do not normally get involved in political nomination, but we have made an exception in supporting Lynnette Soloumi
Her website is ;www.sustainableaustralia.org.au;

Jack Davis President Ratepayers Victoria Inc.

Mayors cash in on rise

Mayors and councillors cash in on rise
Dozens of Victorian Mayors will enjoy annual allowances and superannuation’s payments of more than $100,000 under pay rises approved by the state Government.
But the highest-paid elected local government official is Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp whose annual allowance plus super will jump to $215,639 from December 1.
Ms Capps deputy Arron Wood will earn $107,819 and their Councillors will be paid $49,325 each under a 2 per cent rise gazetted by the local government minister Marlene Kairouz.
It can be revealed City of Melbourne ratepayers jumped up $65,658 in airfares hotels and other expenses for Councillors over the past year.
Trips included $11,181 for a Councillor to attend an “intelligent community forum global summit” in London and $24,000 for 2 Councillors to take part in a business mission to China and Japan.
The council has previously said local and international travel was integral to capital City Councillors representing the interest of “citizens and stakeholders” with trade and travel missions delivering millions of dollars in investments for Melbourne.
But Ratepayers Victoria vice president Frank Sullivan said councils must be more accountable for the overseas trips taken by Councillors.
“We are concerned that there is little or no accountability” he said.
Mr Sullivan also called for the state government to appoint an independent body to make a fair and just assessment of the level of councillor’s allowances.
Under the latest pay rise Mayors from 24 top-tier, or category three councils will see their pay go up by $1931 to $98,465 plus super 9.5 per cent in super payments. Ordinary Councillors will get up to $30,827 a year plus super.
These Councillors include big metro ones such as Boroondara, Frankston, Moreland, Port Phillip and Whitehorse and regional ones including Ballarat, Greater Bendigo and Surf Coast.
Allowances for Mayors at category two councils –including Bayside, Hobsons Bay, Manningham, La Trobe, Mildura and Wangaratta – rise to $79,612 plus super, WITH COUNCILLORS GETTING UP TO $25,730.
Category one Councillors Mayors will get $61,651 and Councillors up to $20,636, plus super.
City of Greater Geelong Mayor Bruce Harwood will get $107,819 including super, from next month, while his deputy Peter Murrihy will get $33,755.
John Masanauskas@news.com.au editoral Page 8

Ratepayers president Jack Davis stated that we can now expect more increases in local government rates
In spite of our concerns raised with the Minister for local government Marlene Kairouz. who has ignored the hundreds of complaint and concerns raised by ratepayers about the abuse of the Local government act by Councillors
Rate rises of between 40% to 100% are common.

This is proof the labor minister Marlene Kairouz is not interested in ratepayers concerns.
We urge Ratepayers at the State election to express their concerns

Group Membership list edited Novenber 2018

Ratepayers Victoria Inc
Membership List
Aiming to be the peak advocacy body for all Victorian Ratepayers,we encourage
the formation of new Ratepayers Associations from various cities.
To Date we are proud to be affiliated with the following groups

Updated April 2018

3228 Residents association inc (Torquay)
Ararat Rural City Ratepayers Association
Bairnsdale Ratepayers
Bass Coast Ratepayers and Residents Association Inc.
Baw Baw Shire Ratepayers & citizens Association
Bayside Ratepayers
Bendigo Greater Ratepayers Assoc.
Boroondara Ratepayers
Cardinia Ratepayers
Casey resident and Ratepayers ASS.
Central GoldFields Ratepayers
Colac Otway Ranges Ratepayers & residents
Darebin Ratepayers
East Gippsland Shire Ratepayers
Fawkner Residents Association
Frankston Save our Suburbs
Geelong Ratepayers
Golden Plains Ratepayers & Residents Association
Greater Dandenong Ratepayers
Horsham Ratepayers
Kilmore Ratepayers
Knox Ratepayers Ass
Latrobe City Ratepayers Ass
Loddon Shire Residents & Ratepayers
Macedon Ranges residents Ass
Maribyrnong Ratepayers
Monash Ratepayers
Morland Shire Ratepayers
Mornington Peninsula Ratepayers & Residents Ass.
Moyne Residents and Ratepayers Action Group Inc.
Mt Martha Ratepayers
Nepean Ratepayers
Phillip Island Ratepayers
Oakleigh Planning central
Nillumbik Ratepayers Association
Mildura Ratepayers Victorian
Shepparton Ratepayers
Swan Hill Rural City Ratepayers Ass
Wangaratta Ratepayers
Warrnambool Ratepayers
Whitehorse Ratepayers& Residents Ass.
Whittlesea Ratepayers Ass.
Yarra Ranges Ratepayers
Yarraville Ratepayers

Maribinong Ratepayers being formed

bully boy Cr Lake still a bully

Cr Lakes history with Monash Council in regards to his constant bulling is well documented and goes back a long way.
To name a few.
• Verbal and sexist remarks to Cr Mc Gee – this matter was referred to the Sexual Discrimination Committee.
• As Mayor his intrusion at Cr Morrissey’s place of business that resulted in a court order against Lake.
• Cr Jenny Solity who had a mental break down over his attacks on her.
• Not forgetting his misleading accusation at a council meeting in regards to Huntingdale Hall Management of inappropriate management of hall funds, causing my wife Beaty Davis, who was at that time the Secretary, to stress out so much to see her name dragged through the newspaper, that she had a heart attack.
This accusation was later proven by a council audit officer to be a false and misleading accusation.
• Today’s (Tuesday 30/10/18) Herald Sun is another example of his bullying.
His comment that stated the President of the Mulgrave Club: quote The country clubs directors are Pasty old white men.
Lakes comment resulted in a complaint to the Human Rights Committee.
Not forgetting in 2013 Lake was dumped as candigate for Hotham when it was reported he verbally abused a female councillor at a council meeting
The list goes on and on.
Any apology by Lake now would be meaningless.
Councilor Lake should be stood down subject to the complaint to the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights.
Finally the Mayor Cr Paul Kisaris should not have allowed Councilor Lake to continue with his bullying comments at a council meeting.
Jack Davis
Ratepayers vic

State Election coming up on the 24th November this year.


To all ratepayers and residents

Ratepayers Victoria request you, and our members please forward this to all your contacts in Victoria.
To do nothing is not in the best interest of ratepayers.
This is what governments want us to do – NOTHING.

As you are aware there is a State Election coming up on the 24th November this year.
Four years ago at the State Elections, Ratepayers Victoria endorsed some candidates with some success.
We have recently spoken to the Victorian Electoral Commission on the process of again endorsing candidates at this coming election.
The VEC have agreed that this is again possible.
For RPV to endorse a candidate we would want them to support our three major items as set out below.

• A Royal Commission into the operation of councils here in Victoria.

• Freeze council rates and other add on charges for two years.

• Support our call for independent monitors (watchdogs) to be installed at most councils to oversee that our ratepayers hard earned money is been spent wisely as per the rules of the local government act.
These monitors would be controlled by the Essential Services Commission. We have spoken to the Institute of Internal Auditors of Australia, who say they would have the personnel to supply these monitors.
There could be many other duties that these monitors could assist with to make our councils more accountable. With the present system there is little or no accountability at council level.

If you are aware of any person that you would consider to be an appropriate candidate and would support RPV ideals at the coming elections, please contact out Vice President Frank Sullivan as follows:
Email: frank.sullivan6@bigpond.com or Mobile: 0438 555 805

Frank will then register that endorsement with the Victorian Electoral Commission. That would mean that the candidate who RPV endorse would have printed on all their electoral material and how to vote cards “ENDORSED BY RATEPAYERS VICTORIA” which would carry a lot of weight in the State elections.
We will not stand by and let councils destroy our ratepayers.
Ratepayers Victoria motto is: ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’

Yours Sincerely

Jack Davis
Ratepayers Victoria Inc.

When is Enough Enough

Postal address 8/1248 North Road Oakleigh South 3167
Phone 03 9570 6227 Mobile 0412 238 974
Email ; ratepayersvic@outlook.com

When is Enough Enough
We demand an apology from the minister of local government for the financial abuse of Victorian Ratepayers who has ignored our concerns.
We have witnessed home owners who have lost their properties because they cannot afford to pay the gross increases in Council rates, increases ranging from 20% to 90%.
Are now a reality.
We demand an apology from all political parties here in Victoria not one has stood up to represent and protect Ratepayer’s rights.
We demand an apology from the premier who has turn this backs on the financial hardship that have been forced on most Ratepayers.
We demand an apology
from all political parties here in Victoria where we have seen farmers commit suicide that have been hit with excessive local council rates in drought areas and beyond.
The media say one farmer in a week commits suicide. If a farmer earns no income
they should pay no income tax to the Federal Government. In this drought time farmers who earn no income should pay no council rates.
We demand an apology for the destruction of our suburbs with over developments.
We have witness the cost of electricity /Gas /Petrol/land taxes to name a few, escalate beyond afford ability.
We Ratepayers Victoria have been trying to get a Royal commission in to the operations of the out dated Victorian local Government act here in Victoria. I.E.why do contractors get paid up to four times more to do a council job than in the private sector. It has been reported in the Herald Sun that at Yarra Ranges Council 96% of recent rate notices that were sent out were incorrect. The report in the Herald Sun stated that there could be a lot more councils with incorrect rate notices that have been sent out.
We demand that rates including add on’s be frozen for the next 2 years.
We will continue the fight.
We will never surrender.
President Jack Davis

Australian Country Party/Give it Back

Australian Country Party/Give it Back

(At last we seem to be getting some support

Dear Jack,

Thanks for meeting with me a few weeks ago to discuss my party’s policies and plans for the upcoming Victorian election. As discussed, my Party has recently joined forces with the Give it Back Foundation(GIB) in our plan to grow our Party and gain electoral success.

GIB is an organization with identical philosophy to ACP, but brings extra financial and intellectual property which will enable us to become a more credible political force. None of our core values or policies have changed but you will see us rolling out more and more commonsense policies in the future.

We will be running in all 8 upper house regions and several lower house seats with the aim of winning enough seats to unseat Labor/Greens and to hold the balance of power with the Liberals. Both major parties need someone like us to hold them to account and force them to do the right thing for all Victorians; not what is in their own best interests.

In regards to our policies on local government, we will be looking to get an immediate drop in rates by 20%; not by councils cutting services, but by forcing them to become more efficient, transparent and accountable. We are also focusing on dog and cat registrations where councils can only charge once in a lifetime for each pet. We will also push for a change in how rates are determined as valuation based rates are unfair and unsustainable, especially for people on low and fixed incomes.

Many things will be happening in the lead up to the November election so please contact us if you have anyone interested in being a candidate for us or if anyone can help in handing out how to vote cards on election day.

Kind Regards,

Robert Danieli
0419 992077
Australian Country Party/Give it Back

Report on the MAV by the Auditor General

Attached is the Auditor General’s report on the MAV

Following are some of the disgraceful comments in the report on the MAV. WE have not read a report on any type of organisation which is worse than this one. The Government should have sacked the MAV

Auditor General’s comments on page VII
MAV’s conduct during this audit has been disappointing. It has been marked by repeated challenges to my mandate, the scope of the audit, its inability to provide
evidence in a timely fashion, and sometimes its refusal to provide certain information.

Page viii
There is limited scrutiny of MAV’s Rules, limited independent review of its performance beyond its annual reporting, and no clear understanding of whether MAV is delivering value for money. Indeed, my audit provides a rare independent and transparent assessment of MAV’s performance.

Page ix
While I am disappointed that MAV has not clearly accepted my recommendations or outlined how it will address them,

Page xiii
There is no formal performance management system in place for any MAV staff other than the chief executive officer, so it is not clear how staff or managers are held to account for their performance.

Conclusion Page 28
This means it cannot demonstrate that its support activities for councils are effective, efficient and economical. There are also weaknesses in MAV’s procurement practices in key areas of probity and controls for managing conflicts of interest. This increases the potential for fraud or corruption and also brings into question whether value for money is being achieved from MAV’s support for councils.